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Master of Arts, 2022
Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich


Master thesis "German female composers in the 19th Century"

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The discovery of some female composers in 2017 led me more and more into musicological research. Finally, I used the free time during the 2020 lockdowns to apply for a master's degree in musicology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. In October I started studying, which I was able to continue alongside my artistic master's degree in London.

In September 2022 I finished my master's thesis
"German Female Composers in the 19th Century" and successfully completed the course. 

My fields of Interest & Research

Female Composers:

  • Elfrida Andree

  • Lily & Nadia Boulanger

  • Fanny Hensel, née Mendelssohn Bartholdy

  • Johanna Kinkel

  • Josephine Lang

  • Dora Pejačević

  • Delphine von Schauroth

  • Ethel Smyth

  • Clara Schumann, née Wieck

Romantic era:

  • Salon tradition & Salonnieres

  • Music records & Poetry albums

Key areas also covered in the course:

  • The (possible) fine tuning systems of J.S. Bachs

  • Variation works for Cello & Piano by L.v. Beethoven

  • The media presence of Herbert v. Karajan

  • Dadaism in music, Erik Satie

  • Virginia Woolf, The London Scenes

Participation in the creation of a program booklet
for the Munich Philharmonic.

Internship at the“Camerata Vocale Munich”:

  • Program booklet design  

  • Concert introduction (lecture verbal & musical)


for the easter concert with the St. John Passion by J.S. Bach.


Do you need dramaturgical advice for your event or a deeper insight into a musicological topic? Feel free to contact me!

Sophie Klaus Musicology Musicologist LMU Munich 

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